I run creative workshops for youth organisations to empower young people through self-expression and to explore career opportunities in the creative industries.

It all began when I volunteered for Dramatic Need, South Africa in 2018, running my 'Learning Graphic Design Through Zine Making' workshop. It was a truly rewarding experience - read more on Dramatic Need's blog

Since then I have run workshops for various youth groups including Ubuntu Youth, The Princes Trust and Big Creative Careers.

Please get in touch if this feels like something that could work for your organisation.


My zine workshops are adaptable in length and can be tailored towards specific topics or chosen by students. More focus can be placed on learning design skills and creative career opportunities depending on the interest and ability of the group.

At the end of each session, students duplicate their zines and are encouraged to hand them out to share their views with others. Copies of the zines are also sent to Salford Zine Library and LCC Library Zine Collection, where they are put on permenant display.