'R U An Obmib?' is my final major project from university. It is a tounge-in-cheek guide for young female drivers to encourage them to use scrapyards - a cheap and sustainable way of replacing faulty car parts that they might not otherwise consider. It also allows them to avoid nasty mechanics, who have a reputation for being rip-off merchants.

The project hinges around the idea of mechanics preying on young woman - assuming them to be clueless and uninterested when it comes to cars, making them particularly easy targets. The project name came to me when a butcher's daughter told me that butchers spoke to each other using back-to-front words so that customers couldn’t understand them. Imaging mechanics using this communication technique, what would they think to themselves when a young woman walked into his garage?


I printed the project in my bedroom on chip shop paper, referencing the grimmy reality of garages and scrap yards. The hand-drawn headline font added to the egdiness while also setting a friendly and approachable tone to the otherwise uninteresting subject. I made my Dad dress up as a mechanic (thanks Dad!) and photographed him with creepy facial expressions applying the colour-half tone filter to add to the raw style.